Who we are?

Kito International was envisioned by former street boy and entrepreneur, Wiclif Otieno. Kito, meaning gem or treasure in Swahili, demonstrates Wiclif’s belief that street youth are diamonds in the rough, needing only encouragement and opportunity to move beyond the streets. In Kenya there are an estimated 250-300,000 street kids, and with unemployment on the rise, the number of homeless youth continues to increase. Although interventions have been designed to assist street youth move beyond the street, street youth face an insurmountable challenge – The Street Trap. In essence, street youths who have undergone rehabilitation programs are forced to return to the streets as they lack support, marketable skills and the economic opportunity to become self-sufficient. Throughout the years, street youth have been murdered or incarcerated while others have just disappeared. Those that remain are hopeless and frustrated, but many of those that remain demonstrate impressive perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit. Kito International works in partnership with street youth to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. By creating opportunities for street youth to launch micro-enterprises, Kito International hopes to facilitate a lifetime of self-sufficiency and dignity among reformed street youths.